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Article: The Artisan Process

The Artisan Process - Winx Candle

The Artisan Process

Winx was built to uplift women and encourage wellness and mindful living. We service modern customers who are knowledgeable and who seek out lasting products that come from the earth and go back into the earth. Here’s a look behind the scenes of how we create our beautiful candles.


Each of our luxury candle scents are custom blended by our founder. We use perfume grade premium fragrance oils and natural essential oils for a layered and elevated home fragrance experience. Our fragrances are free from phthalates, carcinogens + any and all harmful toxins.


Lead and Zinc free natural woven cotton wicks are centered into sanitized vessels to prepare for pouring. Unlike common alternatives, we place great care into choosing materials that reduce carbon blackening (the yucky soot dirtying your home). With minimal care, you can avoid the plumes of smoke associated with cheap candles.


Golden wax is measured and poured into our simple yet elegant glass reusable vessels. Nontoxic and naturally derived from soybean, soy wax has a higher melt point than traditional petrol based paraffin. Your luxury candle burns longer, cleans up easily and can be composted.


Our process prioritizes quality time and attention - we design perfect candles for you. Our labels are durable, scratch and water resistant and applied by hand to each batch of premium candles. Each candle is finished with a warning label and a biodegradable seed paper made with post-consumer materials (no trees harmed). We see a future where eco-friendly alternatives become the norm, and Winx is at the helm.


Why we’re passionate about minimal branding: its not about us. We’ve made our outer branding beautiful to blend with your decor and to give you a clean space + clear mind. Reuse our recycled + recyclable paper tubes as a keepsake box, a plant holder, or for regifting! We’re also committed to progressively increase the amount of post-consumer recycled materials in our product packaging.

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Candle Care Guide - Winx Candle

Candle Care Guide

Here is your one-stop shop to get all the information you need to maximize the life of your candle and enjoy it safely in your home. 

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Behind the Scent: Seaside - Winx Candle

Behind the Scent: Seaside

  An aromatic blend of eucalyptus, sea salt, rose and amber transports you to your own private beach. SEASIDE Scent Notes Breakdown: Top Ozone, Sea Salt, Lemon, Lemon peel Middle Orange Blossom, G...

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