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Article: Candle Care Guide

Candle Care Guide - Winx Candle

Candle Care Guide

Here is your one-stop shop to get all the information you need to maximize the life of your candle and enjoy it safely in your home. 

The First Burn

When lighting a soy candle for the first time, allow the wax to melt completely to the sides of the container. Depending on the container size, this should take around 1-3 hours. If the candle is not allowed to melt to the edge, especially on the first burn, a memory ring can form and make the candle ‘tunnel’ for all future burns. This will drastically decrease your burn time and your fragrance throw for the life of your candle, on top of generally being unsightly.

Trim Your Wick

Soy wax does not burn as hot as paraffin wax, so our soy wax candles require a thicker cotton braid wick, which does not burn 100% and needs to be trimmed regularly. You should aim to trim your wick to about 1/4″ before you re-light your candle. This will ensure a long-lasting candle, minimize soot, remove any mushrooming of carbon on the end of the wick, and manage your flame to avoid melting the wax too fast. 

Candle Care Tools

You may be accustomed to blowing out your candle when you’ve finished a burn, but please consider using a tool instead. There are plenty of methods you can start implementing that will stop the wick smoking and help with re-lighting the next time. Below is a guide to the candle tools you may come across.

Candle Trimmer 

A candle trimmer features a long arm, and it can be clasped to trim the candle’s wick to one-quarter of an inch. The wick then falls into the debris tray of the trimmer, making it easy to remove. Scissors work too, but it makes an opportunity for a cute desk accessory.

Candle Snuffer 

Have you ever blown out a candle only to have wax splash all over the place? Or, have you blown out your candle and it filled the room with smoke? Candle snuffers have been used for centuries to quickly and cleanly extinguish candle flames.

Wick Dipper

This useful tool will change the way that you blow out a candle. Use the dipper to hook the wick and extinguish the candle in the wax. The flame goes out with no smoke or soot. The wick is coated in wax and primed for the next lighting.

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