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Winx Candle is a family owned candle and home goods company based in Atlanta, GA. Winx candles are artfully designed for slow living. To serve as a gentle aid to provide calmer and clearer moments and share memories/emotions through scents. We hold ourselves accountable for sourcing for quality and responsible growth to make your decision easier.

How do you reimagine an age-old product that answers modern problems?

Our core mission is to take to market premium products developed with clean and transparent ingredients, with materials and processes that never compromise on quality.

With rising interest in eco-friendly alternatives and self-care trends, we set out to redefine what truly makes a luxury candle. In a space where big brands are not forthcoming about what goes into their products, prices are being artificially inflated and manufacturers are driving up their margins using cheap, often harmful ingredients. And you always pay the price.

We believe luxury is about achieving quality, tailored to a bespoke taste, at a fair price. 

As we spend more time at home, customers are looking for brands to invest in; with products that age well and will be used frequently. Finally, a luxury candle you aren’t afraid to burn.