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Article: Behind the Scent: Seaside

Behind the Scent: Seaside - Winx Candle

Behind the Scent: Seaside


An aromatic blend of eucalyptus, sea salt, rose and amber transports you to your own private beach.

SEASIDE Scent Notes Breakdown:


Ozone, Sea Salt, Lemon, Lemon peel


Orange Blossom, Green Leaves, Lilac, Jasmine


Tonka Bean, Amber

When creating our launch collection of five distinct scents, I wanted to hit each of the main categories of a traditional perfumers scent wheel. Seaside lands in the fresh/floral zone with a light oceanic top note that seems to carry your nose through to the amber base notes. The floral fragrances blend together with a bright crispness emanating from the lemon essential oil that reminds me personally of a cold glass of rose.

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The Artisan Process - Winx Candle

The Artisan Process

Full Transparency - here’s a deeper dive into everything that goes into our candles.

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